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Help Us Build A Hedgehog Hospital | Name A Hedgehog

We Don’t Just Like Hedgehogs.

We Love Them

Hedgehogs are remarkable creatures, native to the British countryside. Known for their cute faces, snuffling noses and unique spikes, you may have been lucky enough to have witnessed one scuttling around at night. Sadly, hedgehog numbers are on the decline and becoming rarer and rarer in our landscape.

Our new appeal, “Name a Hedgehog” is our way of helping these creatures grow their numbers in the wild. We do everything we can to save our spiky friends and to help them start families of their own in the wild. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could help hedgehog numbers recover back to their original number?

If you agree, perhaps you’d like to help? Donate £2 today!

Building The Hedgehog Hospital

Your £2 donation goes toward multiple areas of our conservation efforts, including the care of our current hedgehogs and paying for our costs to do so. However, our ultimate goal is to build a hedgehog and general wildlife hospital to better equip us for the task of conservation.

This hospital would be able to broaden the reach of our conservation efforts beyond our current area, allow us to provide more and better care for both hedgehogs and other wildlife, and reduce the potential extinction of the UK’s wildlife.

What the hospital will look like from the front.


Hedgehog Rehabilitation

Our brilliant team work hard to help save the lives of hedgehogs and give them a fresh start in safe surroundings. Our current hedgehog rescue centre gives injured, lost and displaced hedgehogs a safe and happy space in which they can rebuild their strength and recover.

Alongside this, we ensure that poorly and injured hedgehogs can get the very best treatment from our team of specialist vets. After a lot of love and attention, once we’re happy that they’re back to their strong and happy selves, we have the brilliant job of sending them back home into the wild to help grow the numbers of these wonderful creatures.

Hedgehog Conservation

Our conservation work is vital to the hedgehog population in our area, as it helps to give them safer and happier home in the wild. We work hard to ensure that their homes are protected and safe from harm, yet have good access to food, water and everything a little hog needs to thrive.

The right environment is important for many reasons, number one being that it gives them the safety to live to their natural body clock and stay out of harm’s way. Remember; slumbering throughout the day and roaming outside at night is key to a happy hedgehog life.


Name A Hog

We need help to rescue and care for our hedgehogs and are lucky enough to have the support of people who love them just as much as us. For just £2, you can do your bit to help our spiky friends too.

You can name a hedgehog and help us give our spiky little friends the best chance of survival. That £2 goes a long way, helping to fund medical care and aftercare for hedgehogs, as well as contributing to other conservation efforts. We’ll even send you a certificate once you name your hog, so you can be reminded of the part you played in preventing hedgehogs from becoming extinct.

My Hedgehog Friends NEED You!

Name a Hedgehog for £2 and your donation can change a Hedgehogs life!

Help Us Prevent Hedgehog Extinction

If we don’t get donations, we can’t keep providing the care to these wonderful animals. If you can spare just £2, we would be very grateful (as will our little spikey friends!)

Click to call: 01724 872 726 Make Your Donation