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Name A Hog And Help Save Our Wildlife | Name A Hedgehog

Name a Hog and Help Save Hedgehogs

Hedgehog numbers are declining, with the threat of extinction becoming a future possibility for our lovely little friends. Less than 50 years ago, in the 1960s, the hedgehog population was thought to be at 30 million. Now, it’s fewer than one million.

What’s even worse is that a huge chunk of this loss is believed to have happened in the last 15 years. It’s a sad thought that they could disappear from the British countryside altogether, and it’s one that we’re trying to prevent from happening.

The growth of our towns and cities has meant losing a lot of their habitat and homes. Food sources are dwindling because of new roads and buildings, whilst patio or paved gardens make it difficult for hogs to forage for food. Nesting space to build hedgehog families in is quickly disappearing and noise, light and temperature can confuse their natural body clocks.

Sadly, all of these problems can lead to hedgehogs wandering along roadsides and dangerous places. Fortunately, many gardeners and homeowners are now trying to create hedgehog friendly spaces with lots of tasty insects, slugs, and a hedgehog’s most loved treat, cat food in jelly and kitten biscuits (make sure there’s no fish, gravy, or milk!), something which we couldn’t be happier about.

Make Your Donation & Name A Hog!

How Can I Help Britain’s Hedgehogs?

We will do everything that we can to help rescue hedgehogs, rehabilitate them and give them safer surroundings, but you can play a part in saving them too.

If you want to get involved with protecting, repopulating and saving Britain’s hedgehogs, one very easy way is to show your support by giving a hedgehog a name for just £2.

This money will contribute to hedgehog care and aftercare at our hospital, helping them to grow stronger for their release outdoors. It will also help to fund our conservation work, which will help protect their food and homes. You could also play a part in helping our dwindling hog population grow, and give hedgehog families safer, happier homes.

For your kind contribution, you’ll receive a certificate to remind you of your brilliant work in fighting for hedgehog survival. You can also have the satisfaction of giving your hog the perfect name, whatever that may be. The name possibilities are endless!

Of course, if you want to go the extra mile and turn your local area into a hedgehog heaven, get in touch and we’ll show you how to make your area hedgehog friendly free of charge!

Make Your Donation & Name A Hog!

My Hedgehog Friends NEED You!

Name a Hedgehog for £2 and your donation can change a Hedgehogs life!

Help Us Prevent Hedgehog Extinction

If we don’t get donations, we can’t keep providing the care to these wonderful animals. If you can spare just £2, we would be very grateful (as will our little spikey friends!)

Click to call: 01724 872 726 Make Your Donation