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Help Us Rescue Hedgehogs For Just £2! | Name A Hedgehog

Why We Do What We Do

Isn’t it sad that some people have never seen a hedgehog? Our belief is that we should all try and help these brilliant animals in reclaiming their homes and in being healthy, happy and safe in the wild. We also want to make sure that all injured hedgehogs are cared for, given a space to rehabilitate and return in tip-top shape back to the wild.

Even better? You can help us achieve all of this.


Give Hedgehogs The Best Treatment Possible

Our fully veterinary serviced hedgehog hospital is a state-of-the-art space for poorly hedgehogs. Here, our team of experts can work their magic to treat, nurture and help our hog friends recover in comfort and get ready to go home.

To make sure that our hospital is not only a place to nurture sick animals but also one that will help them, we’ve built our hospital in an eco-friendly building with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

We’re also excited to announce that we plan to extend it to a full wildlife hospital in the future, helping to care for all the wonderful animals that inhabit our landscape.


To Help Hedgehog Lovers Like You, Save Hedgehogs

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you care about hedgehogs just as much as us. Hedgehog rescue and rehabilitation is vital in helping to save them and it’s something we work hard to achieve. We want you to become part of our hedgehog rescue journey and give you the option to name a hedgehog for just £2.

It may not seem like much, but £2 can contribute to the care of an injured hedgehog, as well as fund our conservation efforts. To us, it’s just as important to help hedgehogs out in the wild, as well as the ones that we have in our care.

At the end of the day, every hedgehog who we help will be able to go back to his home in the wild one day. And for an extra perk, every person who names a hedgehog will receive a certificate to remind them of their efforts.


We Will Save The Hedgehog Population By Teaching Others

Alongside helping injured, lost or displaced hedgehogs and getting them back out into the wild, it’s important that we can spread our knowledge of hedgehog care to others.

Our conservation efforts will help to create a safer place for these animals, but we’ll also be able to use them to teach others about how to protect them and their environment. From creating hedgehog friendly gardens to helping a hedgehog that may be outside in daylight, the more that we can teach, the better for our spiky friends.

Make Your Donation

My Hedgehog Friends NEED You!

Name a Hedgehog for £2 and your donation can change a Hedgehogs life!

Help Us Prevent Hedgehog Extinction

If we don’t get donations, we can’t keep providing the care to these wonderful animals. If you can spare just £2, we would be very grateful (as will our little spikey friends!)

Click to call: 01724 872 726 Make Your Donation