Without Your Help

Hedgehogs Will Die Out

Be a part of something special and help wild hedgehogs by giving one a name for just £2.

Your contribution will go towards saving hedgehogs and building our hedgehog hospital.

For just £2, you can help us

save the UK’s Hedgehogs.

Over the past 50 years, hedgehog numbers have dropped from 30 million to just 1 millionThis shocking statistic means they are now on the endangered species list and are on their way to extinction.

At Andrew’s Hedgehog Hospital, we want to save this animal from UK extinction and we are hoping you’ll help us, but without your support, these amazing animals will die out.

Giving just £2 and a few minutes of your time means you can contribute to the conservation and rehabilitation of this unique and adorable animal.

For less than the price of a coffee, you can help us with our hedgehog rescue efforts.

Your £2 goes toward naming a wild hedgehog (with a certificate for evidence!) and contributes towards our hedgehog hospital.

This small price will help us take a step towards saving the hedgehogs from disappearing from our parks and gardens forever.

Where does my £2 go?

Unlike other charities which take your money and give it to a rich CEO, we prefer to tell you exactly what your £2 goes towards.

Primarily, your money is going towards building our hedgehog hospital, which is dedicated to preventing hedgehog extinction. We’re well on our way, but with a build cost of £350,000, we need your help to get there.

Your money will also go toward the following:

Towards Care & Supplies

Your £2 goes toward the care of all of our little hedgehogs currently in the hospital. This includes housing, feeding, and veterinary costs. 

Towards Conservation

Your £2 can help us with our hedgehog conservation efforts when it comes to protecting the species, including education, local initiatives, and public awareness

Towards Education

Your £2 helps us find the time to educate others, raising awareness of the problem, and teaching others how to care for hedgehogs they might find.

Help Us Help Hedgehogs!

If we don’t get donations, we can’t keep providing the care to these wonderful animals. If you can spare just £2, we would be very grateful (as will our little spikey friends!)

Donate £2 & Make A Difference  Click to call: 01724 872 726